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Case Study

How CBC trains remote leadership with Savvi 

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Remote leadership training

 with project managers from Commerz Business Consulting 


"Increase team spirit"

  "Give virtual feedback" 

measured Improvement

most popular training topics

Initial situation:
Remote leadership as an important skill in in-house counselling

Commerz Business Consulting (CBC) is the internal management consultancy of the Commerzbank Group. The CBC supports Commerzbank on their way to becoming a digitized bank. The CBC project teams are led by experienced managers who have been confronted with new, hybrid team and customer constellations, because of the pandemic. Managing teams and projects out of the home office requires new skills - especially in the dynamic work environment of consulting. 

"Savvi's microtraining approach has made remote leadership content applicable to everyday work."
- Dr. Eva-Helen Krehl, Project Manager, Commerz Business Consulting


App-based learning-on-the-job in project work

The continuous development of the consultants plays an important role. Due to the high workload of the consultants, further training formats in which trainees are not withdrawn from project work for too long are particularly in demand. The app-based training with Savvi was used independently to apply and try out remote leadership content directly in day-to-day business. In the pilot, the training group consisted of six project managers and principals.  

The weekly, 15-minute microtraining consists of a reflection on everyday work, inspiration in the form of videos and texts, and application to real work situations. In terms of content, there were four major thematic blocks: empowering teams, communicating virtually, structuring cooperation, and managing knowledge in the team. The remote leadership content came from the Savvi library and was fine-tuned with CBC before the start of the training. 

"The short videos made the theory applicable and answered questions like 'What usually goes well?' 'How can you be better?' and 'What should you pay attention to?'.”

– Participating project manager, Commerz Business Consulting

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6% improvement in remote leadership skills in 6 weeks 

During the training period, the participants completed 56% of the weekly microtraining sessions. On average, they dealt with new content and skills more than every other week. The average improvement measured over the training period was 6%. Objective statements about situations in everyday work were evaluated. Based on these statements, the microtraining sessions were adapted to the profile of the participants in order to maximize learning success. The most popular microtrainings included “Increase Team Spirit” and “Give Virtual Feedback”. 

Our 4 remote leadership modules

Each of our courses consists of 4 skills that we teach in weekly microtrainings. In the end, your employees will form solid habits for these 4 skills.

In the case of our remote leadership training, they will learn about the following skills:

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Empowering teams 💪
Here your leaders will learn how to empower each team member to be productive and bring their strengths and ideas to the table.
Structure collaboration 🧶
This skill is about establishing structures to enable location and time-independent working with high motivation and few misunderstandings.
Remote communication 👨💻
This is about routines and habits that allow leaders to communicate effectively remotely and virtually.
Managing knowledge in the team  🧠

This skill is about the ability to make knowledge and information transparent and thereby enable effective knowledge transfer.

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Start with us today

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