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case study

The Goal

Building the leadership for Gorillas' Team Leads

Gorillas is the leading quick commerce company in Europe. Since its launch in 2020, it has grown from 5 to more than 1.000 employees in just 2 years. Amongst them are 40+ Team Leads across 3 countries.


Due to a heterogeneity in their leadership experience and exposure, Gorillas decided to launch different trainings for Team Leads. The goal is to build a joint understanding of leadership and to equip them with the right toolkit. Focus topics include engaging teams, setting directions, and prioritization. 

The Challenge

Identifying the right leadership behaviors and making them stick

The plan was that in two half-day workshops, run by internal trainers, Team Leads intensify and discuss methods and frameworks like OKR prioritization and daily check-ins. Since it was the first time a comprehensive development program for Team Leads was launched, the questions loomed: Are we focusing on the right things? And how can we ensure people use our toolkit sustainably? 


Gorillas’ people team was looking for some outside validation which skills, methods, and framework to prioritize. As a data-driven company, the desire was also to create visibility into the effectiveness of learning content in order to rapidly adapt and optimize. It was already clear that a one-off workshop might not yield the desired outcome. 

How Savvi helped

Launching a multi-week learning journey for key skills

Savvi first came in to analyze the status quo of leadership behavior. In a quick personality test-like assessment, key leadership skills were evaluated and prioritized. After creating transparency, the goal was to create a 3-months learning journey for Team Leads. From Savvi’s 250+ microtrainings, Gorillas selected 38 that would fit their objectives. This way, Gorillas was able to fully customize its learning journey in 3 short meetings. Less than 8 weeks after the first call, the first cohort of Team Leads started its live workshops, followed by a 3-month, Savvi-based learning and implementation period. 

With Savvi, Gorillas’ c-level received valuable insights in an average team lead’s strength profile, indicating e.g. how skills like “Adapting your leadership style” and “Delegating” are currently far away from e.g. “Building a learning culture”. 

“Savvi helped us to identify the most important skills for our team leads and brought our trainings to the next level.” 

Carment Benkö, VP People

Gorillas x Savvi - at a Glance


Team Leads


weekly microtrainings

Valuable insights into skills like "Adapting your leadership style", "Delegating" and "Building a learning culture"

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