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Win customers even faster and more effectively 


"Defining Conversation Goals"

"Stay & Graduation"

Greatest strengths of the training group


Measured Improvement

Sales is not an art form, it is a matter of effective habits and discipline. Savvi supports your sales teams in understanding and advising your customers even better.

"Objection Handling"

"Conversation Opening"

Most frequently chosen training topics

Keep the focus on day-to-day business.

With Savvi you can develop your sales staff without taking them out of day-to-day business. In 15 minutes a week, they get practical tips and, with interactive exercises, the opportunity to try them out directly in the next customer meeting.

"Savvi is a useful addition and the successes were already evident in the sales figures in the weeks following the seminar."

– Roman Weitmann, branch manager


Set clear standards and expectations.

Sales isn't an art form, it's a set of effective conversational skills. Let this become a habit and ensure that the quality of the customer discussions is the same for everyone. This makes Savvi ideal for the onboarding of new employees.

"It only took 2 phone calls to get our training content into the app"

– Thomas Islinger, MLP coach


Understand your sales teams even better.  

We learn best when we regularly reflect on ourselves. This creates individual learning profiles in the Savvi app, which provide information about strengths and potential. You can see in which dimensions your team still needs support.

Start with us today

What if you could make your teams fit for the future of work without having to pull them out of everyday work in lengthy training programs?

Our sales modules



With Savvi, your teams learn how to effectively prepare and open customer meetings, build long-term customer relationships, confidently steer meetings and end them with a binding conclusion.



Negotiating is part of our everyday work, especially when talking to customers. Whether negotiating prices or discussing services, Savvi offers practical tips that can be implemented quickly.

You can customize all modules for your organization. Upload your own content or edit the existing content from the Savvi library.

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