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Your personalized
pocket coach.
Powered by AI & psychology.

Savvi makes learning new skills feel like a game. We use personality tests and interactive elements to customize our tips for you, so you can apply them directly in your job. 

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How Savvi works...

Savvi accompanies you along your journey to build new skills. It combines psychological insights with AI to tailor the content for you and make your progress visible.

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The right impulse at the right time: Our AI tailors learning content to help you anchor new skills in everyday tasks.

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Develop specific behaviors: Monitor your learning progress, strengths and growth areas in your skill profile.

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Learn with and from your peers: We match you in small groups to facilitate knowledge exchange and growth.

How Savvi works

What if learning was a game?
Start your learning journey now.

Start your learning journey: Identify your growth areas by taking our course-specific skill test and matching it with your career goals

Go on your learning journey: Master adaptive microtrainings, view your progress, team up with others, and earn rewards along the way
Reach the goal of your learning journey: look at what you've accomplished and see the effect of your new skills in real working life
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"The training with the Savvi app was fun and the data-based evaluation showed us where we can get even better individually and as a team."

- Jerome Lange, Managing Director koppla

Savvi adapts to your learning strategy

You can use Savvi for a wide range of learning programs to boost employee engagement and growth. Savvi helps you facilitate self-organized learning as well as your existing trainings and courses.

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Benefit for your people

Give your teams access to the Savvi app and put them in the driver's seat of their learning.

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App-based courses

Select from our curated app-based courses or create and upload your own material.

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Combine with existing trainings

Use Savvi before or after your seminars to make them a truly blended-learning experience.

Also for trainers

You can also customize Savvi as a learning platform

Choose the skills yourself

We believe that people develop particularly well when it is transparent which skills are relevant for future success. With us, you choose from over 150 skills those that are most important for the success of your employees.

...and many more skills


As measurable as marketing campaigns

Load your own content into our app and easily connect it to existing training sessions.

HR dashboard

See the training success of your training group in the dashboard and optimize training investments.

  • Commitment: How many training sessions have been completed?

  • Improvement: How the competencies have developed?

  • Strengthen  and potentials: What works well, where are improvements still needed?



upload content faster and start training - it starts in just 1 day


hosted in Germany and no insights about individual employees

No IT needed

plug-and-play for app-based and blended learning without IT know-how

Create your own training

With us you can load your existing content into the app. This is very easy with our configurator tool and takes about half a day. Once created, you can reuse the training as often as you like and get started quickly, especially with recurring training programs.

Choose from our library

At Savvi you can book an entire training session including a trainer. Together with you we determine the need and provide it  the training individually for you. One of our partner trainers conducts the face-to-face training and the participants then have access to the training app.

HR Dashboad
Start with us today

What if you could make your teams fit future skills without having to pull them out of everyday work in lengthy training programs?
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