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Help your teams to build lasting habits in 15 minutes a week

With weekly microtrainings, we support your employees to transfer new skills into their daily routines. Our HR dashboard shows you the training progress, allowing you to optimize your training investments.


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How Savvi works...

Savvi gives you weekly, app-based microtrainings and makes learning progress visible. You can also connect Savvi with your existing trainings.

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The right learning impulse at the right moment:  Anchor the learning content continuously in everyday tasks using interactive exercises.

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Progress based on concrete behaviors: Monitor your learning progress,  Strengths and development potential in your  individual skill profile.

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Learn specifically with and from others: Based on your profile, we match you with other trainees from whom you can learn - or vice versa.


"The training with the Savvi app was fun and the data-based evaluation showed us where we can get even better individually and as a team."

- Jerome Lange, Managing Director koppla

Why Savvi works...

How do you manage to anchor good content from a training day in everyday work in the long term?

At Savvi we are convinced that the key is continuous application of what has been learned in everyday work.
Therefore, our app focuses on showing your employees how to transfer knowledge in interactive exercises to facilitate their real work tasks.

Training and work converges to a holistic experience.


Need-based training: Through individual competence profiles, each trainee gets the content that is most relevant to them


Application-oriented exercises:  The mediated content &  become methods  through interactive
Exercises applied to real work tasks


Personal goals: Own behavioral goals that are set every week increase motivation and anchor the content long-term

Engagement rate of participants (percentage of completed microtraining) 



As measurable as marketing campaigns

Load your own content into our app and easily connect it to existing training sessions.

HR dashboard

See the training success of your training group in the dashboard and optimize training investments.

  • Commitment: How many training sessions have been completed?

  • Improvement: How have the competencies developed?

  • Strengthen  and potentials: What works well, where is there  it still needed?

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upload content faster and start training - it starts in just 1 day


hosted in Germany and no insights about individual employees

No IT needed

plug-and-play for app-based and blended learning without IT know-how

Create your own training

With us you can load your existing content into the app. This is very easy with our configurator tool and takes about half a day. Once created, you can reuse the training as often as you like and get started quickly, especially with recurring training programs.

Choose from our library

At Savvi you can book an entire training session including a trainer. Together with you we determine the need and provide it  the training individually for you. One of our partner trainers conducts the face-to-face training and the participants then have access to the training app.

How to use Savvi...


For companies

Use Savvi especially for recurring training sessions. Once you have customized the app, you can simply use it again and again.

Savvi is used by companies for:

  • Trainee and apprentice programs

  • Junior Leadership Programs

  • sales training

  • onboarding


For coaches

Use Savvi to digitally extend your existing training sessions. You can load your own content into the app and thus offer your customers blended learning  Offer journeys.

Savvi is used by trainers for:

  • management training

  • sales training

  • communication training

  • self-organization training

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