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Hey, are you in charge of the training in your company?

Our team of psychologists designed our unique learning approach: combining self-reflection, inspirational ideas, and real-life exercises. We believe that 15 minutes per week is enough to build skills that last. Here's how.

As measurable as marketing campaigns


HR dashboard

See the training success of your training group in the dashboard and optimize training investments.

  • Commitment: How many training sessions have been completed?

  • Improvement: How the competencies have developed?

  • Strengthen  and potentials: What works well, where are improvements still needed?


upload content faster and start training - it starts in just 1 day


hosted in Germany and no insights about individual employees

No IT needed

plug-and-play for app-based and blended learning without IT know-how

Savvi adapts to your learning strategy

You can use Savvi for a wide range of learning programs to boost employee engagement and growth. Savvi helps you facilitate self-organized learning as well as your existing trainings and courses.

Element 7_4x.png

Benefit for your people

Give your teams access to the Savvi app and put them in the driver's seat of their learning.

Element 5_4x.png

App-based courses

Select from our curated app-based courses or create and upload your own material.

Element 6_4x.png

Combine with existing trainings

Use Savvi before or after your seminars to make them a truly blended-learning experience.

Also for trainers

You can also customize Savvi as a learning platform

Building habits sustainably feels like a game 

Element 18_4x-100.jpg

Imagine making training feel like a game to your employees. 

With our gmaified approach...

  • learning journey

  • rewards...


Individual learning journeys instead of 'one size fits all'


Every trainee gets an individual skill profile with insights into their competences.

  • 4 competences can be selected per training, which can also be linked to existing competence models.

  • In addition they can be assigned goals and get rewards

Trainings tailored to the profile. 

Able to choosethe one they like most until they finish all of them.


Convince yourself!

learning journey






Transfer exercise


peer learning


"Savvi's microtraining approach has made remote leadership content applicable to everyday work"

- dr Eva-Helen Krehl, Project Manager, Commerz Business Consulting

Overview of the functions

Features for HR decision makers:

  • Content from the Savvi library:Get access to all modules to put together a workout

  • Creating your own content:Create your own content and load it into the app to create your own workouts

  • HR Dashboard:Analyze the effectiveness and optimization potential of training programs using statistics

  • User management:Determine which employees should receive which learning journeys

  • Combination with seminars:Adapt the app to existing seminars and create a blended learning journey

  • Connection to competency models:Make the skills from feedback discussions trainable for your employees

  • Language selection:Choose between different languages in which your employees use Savvi


Features for exercisers:


Weekly workouts:Apply new content in weekly, interactive microtrainings

Learning and personality profile:Find out what strengths and potential you have in your skills

Push notifications:Be reminded of your training and implementation goals

Quizzes:Anchor your knowledge through learning psychology methods such as active recall and spaced repetition

In-depth materials:Dive deeper with TED talks, blog posts, and more additions

Badges and Achievements:Receive medals and other motivating elements for your learning success

Avatars:Adapt Savvi to you by choosing the right hero from our selection

History:Look at your completed workouts if you need them again 

Certificates:Receive a certificate of your progress and achievements upon completion of the training


Why Savi?


Further development without great additional burden

Give your managers the opportunity to develop their skills every week without burdening them with extra work in day-to-day business. Savvi helps them achieve their intentions and try new things with their teams.


Habits that last longer than the workout

With Savvi you make sure that your managers develop lasting habits that do not fade after the end of the training. The short, weekly impulses are precisely tailored to the learning profile and focus on direct application in everyday work.


Foster high-performing teams

When leaders get better, their teams will too. With Savvi, you invite your managers to give their teams exactly the support they need, week after week.

Start with us today

What if you could make your teams fit future skills without having to pull them out of everyday work in lengthy training programs?
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