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Remote Sales
Win customers even faster and more effectively - no matter where they are.

Sales is not an art form, but a matter of effective habits and discipline. Savvi supports your sales teams in understanding and advising your customers even better.


Why Savi?

With Savvi, your employees train their remote sales skills for 15 minutes every week and demonstrably improve them by 6% per week.

How do we measure that? We'd love to show you!

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Learning content to suit your profile: Continuously anchor new skills in everyday work using interactive exercises.

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Progress based on specific behavior: Observe your learning progress, strengths and potential in your individual skill profile.

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Learning with and from others: Based on your profile, we match you with others from whom you can learn - or vice versa.


"Thanks to Savvi, I was able to apply training content directly and thus approach every customer meeting even better"

- Daniil Liakhovitski, Account Executive, StackFuel

Our 4 Remote Sales Skills

Each of our courses consists of 4 skills that we teach in weekly microtrainings. In the end, your employees will form solid habits for these 4 skills.
The topic of remote sales involves the following 4 skills:

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Winning new customers 🎯

Here your sales staff will learn how to approach new customers and be well prepared for initial meetings - whether by phone, social media or in person

Building customer relationships

This skill is about building and maintaining effective and trusting customer relationships through virtual meetings.

Conversational skills 💬

This skill is about the ability to conduct sales conversations in order to get the right information and to place one's own products effectively.

Close customer talks  🤝

This skill is about the ability to successfully complete and follow up on customer conversations in face-to-face or virtual space.

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The most popular learning nuggets

The following topics and learning units are particularly exciting for trainers in the Savvi app 🔥  You too? 

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Convince yourself!

Why Savi?


Further development without great additional burden

Give your managers the opportunity to develop their skills every week without burdening them with extra work in day-to-day business. Savvi helps them achieve their intentions and try new things with their teams.


Habits that last longer than the training

With Savvi you make sure that your managers develop lasting habits that do not fade after the end of the training. The short, weekly impulses are precisely tailored to the learning profile and focus on direct application in everyday work.


Foster high-performing teams

When leaders get better, their teams will too. With Savvi, you invite your managers to give their teams exactly the support they need, week after week.

What if learning was a game?
Start your learning journey now.

Start your learning journey: Identify your growth areas by taking our course-specific skill test and matching it with your career goals

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Go on your learning journey: Master adaptive microtrainings, view your progress, team up with others, and earn rewards along the way
Reach the goal of your learning journey: look at what you've accomplished and see the effect of your new skills in real working life
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Start with us today

What if you could develop your leaders without expensive and time-consuming training programs?

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