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Turn your training into a blended learning experience 

Load your training content into the Savvi App for free
and offer them to the participants as a supplement to your live training.


Adapt Savvi exactly to your training

You can adapt Savvi exactly to your content and turn your one-day or multi-day training into a week-long training journey.

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1. Create a competency profile

2. Upload training content

3. Offer Savvi to your customers

Determine which competencies and behaviors the participants should develop in the training. These then appear in the learning profile and help to measure the success of the training.

Create one or more training content for each competency. The trainees then receive this content if their learning profile shows potential for development in the corresponding competence.

Offer Savvi to your customers as a digital extension of your training courses. Of course, if the customer books Savvi, you also earn money. Otherwise, creating your content is free.


"The great thing about Savvi is that it has a modular structure. Once I created the content for my sales training courses, I can now use these modules to customize a training course for each of my customers."

- Mario Perscheid, Managing Director & Trainer, Perscheid Berlin

Your advantages with Savvi

Customized app: together with you, we adapt the app to your content. This is how you digitize your live training into a seamless blended learning experience.

Fast implementation: our record is 1 day! After a 3-hour conversation with the trainer, we launched the app. Experience shows that you can also use a lot of your existing content for the app.

Measurable success: our HR dashboard shows you and your customers where the trainees have their strengths and potential. This allows you to respond specifically and is also another selling point for you.

Free use: setting up the app for your training is completely free and we are happy to support you. We only earn with you in case of success, which brings us to the next point...

Attractive revenue share: You offer the app to your customers and invoice them. Either as a separate block of costs or as part of the overall package. Of course, you also benefit from this additional turnover.


Get to know Savvi in a short demo and find out how your training can become even more sustainable!

Application examples




Is your training and coaching about sales and account management? Use Savvi to provide your customers with your best tools and methods on topics such as cold calling, objection handling, benefit argumentation or closing even in the weeks after the training and to make them interactively applicable. You can even connect our HR dashboard to sales metrics like close rates or call volume.

Do you work with your customers on topics such as feedback discussions, team motivation or presentation and moderation techniques? Savvi is a great tool for transferring these techniques even more sustainably into the everyday life of a manager. Upload short videos or texts on the most important techniques and see how the skills of your training group are developing on our HR dashboard.

Do you help your customers to take their communication skills to the next level? Our partners are already using Savvi to make skills such as "active listening", "asking questions" or "phrasing convincingly" trainable in the long term. After all, our communication is very deep inside us and needs regular reminders in order to change permanently.

Measurable success for you and your customers

For each of your training sessions you will receive an evaluation in our HR Dashboard. There you can see how the competencies of your training group have developed.

our trainers would recommend Savvi

Competency improvement through the training

of customers found the app to be an added value

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