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The app for
Future Skills.

Self-paced learning meets AI.

With Savvi you make your talents ready for the future. Trainees use Savvi 3x more actively than comparable e-learning programs because we tailor the content to fit them perfectly thanks to personality tests and application-related exercises.

Imagine Duolingo & LinkedIn Learning
made a Baby 👶

Did you know that we actually implement only 25% of what we set out to do?

Your training and change programs are only as good as the habits that they change in the long run. With the Savvi app, your employees apply new skills and content every day and develop new behaviors up to 3x faster 🚀

What our clients say


"Savvi's microtraining approach has made remote leadership content applicable to everyday work."

- Dr. Eva-Helen Krehl, Project Manager

The best content - as learning nuggets at Savvi 🌟

Our content is based on studies, best practices and recommendations from field experts such as Simon Sinek, Brene Brown and Angela Duckworth. They contain actionable tips from experienced managers of leading institutions such as: 

Take self-directed learning in your organization to the next level with 3x higher engagement 🧠

In modern learning cultures, employees learn in a self-directed manner. However, most digital learning tools show low learner engagement. With Savvi, your employees access content three times more often and learn more regularly and effectively.

Preparing high potentials for their first leadership responsibility

Support employees in hybrid leadership & collaboration

Train mental
wellbeing and
reduce sick days

Choose the skills by yourself

We believe that people develop particularly well when it is transparent which skills are relevant for future success. With us, you can choose from over 150 skills that are most important for the success of your employees.

Give feedback

Active listening

Work focused


Manage stakeholders

Develop talents

Set deadlines


Promote innovation

Present virtually

Set goal

....and many more skills

Get started now with our 200+ Future Skills modules.
And adapt our building blocks to your goals 🧱

Leading hybrid teams

16 Weeks


hybrid teams



10 Weeks



Working in hybrid teams

16 Weeks

Working in

hybrid teams

Social Selling & Remote Sales

12 Weeks

Social Selling &

remote sales

Get to know our
scientific approach to that makes learning transfer sustainable.

Our team of psychologists have developed a unique approach to learning on the job: a combination of self-reflection, inspirational ideas and hands-on exercises. We believe that 15 minutes a week are enough to develop sustainable skills. And that's how it works.

Get started with us

What if you could make your teams fit for future tasks without having to take them out of their everyday work?

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