Promotion of career orientation & 26% improvement in key skills

Case Study

of all microtrainings completed
more effective at building resilience
improved growth management
minutes spent per week in the app

An overview

Aurubis AG, based in Hamburg, Germany, is a publicly traded, internationally active copper producer and copper recycler. The company produces over one million tons of copper cathodes annually, uses them to manufacture various copper products and employs more than 7,000 people.

The Aurubis Orientation Track (“O-Track”) starts in the 4th quarter of 2022 to accompany 34 talents on their learning journey to become managers, experts and project managers. In order to anchor habits and new learning in the long term, the 5-month program consisting of workshops, remote sessions and development talks was accompanied by self-directed learning with the Savvi app.

Talents improved in all predefined key competencies:

  • 24% in managing growth
  • 27% in leading teams
  • 29% in managing projects
  • 25% in being an expert

In addition to positive verbal feedback, the participants showed above-average commitment - 73% of all possible microtrainings were completed - and developed into a group with a strong sense of community.

Key Facts


The starting point

O-Track as a blended learning concept for the orientation of up-and-coming talent

The O-Track was developed to guide employees from the talent pool onto one of three learning paths: executive, expert, or project manager. The 5-month program to teach key competencies for building and teaching the Aurubis culture (e.g. feedback culture) should start in Q4 2022. A blended learning format was planned with workshops (on-site and virtual), personal coaching and self-directed learning.

The challenge

Gain deep insights & anchor the right behavior in the long term

The O-Track was developed together with external trainers. As part of the development, three key questions were raised:

  • How do you get deep insights into the ambitions, strengths and areas of development of talents in order to prepare them for the next development steps?
  • How can the discussion between talents and their managers be encouraged to reflect on their career goals?
  • How can key competencies (such as “giving feedback,” “building resilience,” and “self-awareness”) become daily habits?

The solution

5-month program supported by data-driven evaluation

Over the course of the 5-month program, the 34 talents deepened their knowledge in one of three tracks: executive, expert and project manager. New methods were taught through sessions led by trainers, personal coaching and remote sessions. Savvi was used by participants in the course of the O-track to regularly repeat what they had learned as part of self-directed learning and to apply it in everyday working life. Of all possible microtrainings, the group completed 73%. This corresponds to over 131 hours of self-directed learning in the Savvi app.

In addition, Savvi provided continuous insights into the development of talents, an evaluation of learning progress and thus created transparency about the strengths, development potential and interests of the participants. In addition to personal feedback, the Aurubis team and trainers thus had a data-driven evaluation basis for evaluating the O-Track.


In the four key competencies defined in advance, the participants developed as follows:

  • 24% in managing growth
  • 27% in leading teams
  • 29% in managing projects
  • 25% in being an expert

In addition to developing these key competences, the O-Track was a complete success in that the 34 talents developed into a community with great cohesion.

For me, the O-Track was much more than just an orientation: I had the opportunity to get to know colleagues from various areas of our growing organization. In addition, the O-Track offered me useful insights to accelerate my personal development, for example with insights from Savvi.”
oTrack participant
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