Learning that activates and motivates.

Learning successfully with and from others in a playful and interactive way through gamification

Combine learning with fun and competition. So that your employees playfully learn new skills in only 15-30 minutes per week.

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Adaptive learning paths. Because every learner is different.
Personalized learning journeys instead of "one size fits all"

At the start of the learning journey, each user answers questions for a self-assessment of their skills. Based on this self-assessment, we can individually identify strengths and growth potential. Users can also define their own goals and interests.

Based on the self-assessment, goals and interests, our AI can suggest an individual training plan that can be adapted at any time.

During the learning journey, users answer psychometric questions on a weekly basis - this allows us to measure the development of their self-assessment during the learning journey and to suggest suitable topics and learning nuggets based on changes in each individual's strengths and potential. Users can view their own progress in their profile at any time, allowing us to show them their development and improvement, as well as their potential.

Gamified content with a practical orientation
Achieve a 20% improvement after 8 weeks with 15 minutes of training per week.

Each week, users select a learning nugget on a topic of their choice from our intelligent suggestions. Learning nuggets always consist of a weekly training session with a short video and application task, a quiz, a tip of the week and four daily challenges.

The learning tasks are very varied: short videos or audios, infographics and texts are just as possible as gap texts or matching pair exercises and quizzes. The recommended minimum duration of our weekly training sessions is approx. 15 minutes, but users voluntarily spend an average of approx. 38 minutes per week with Savvi and continue to train with daily challenges and other formats.

Thanks to our gamification, learners use Savvi 6x more often than other e-learning courses

Challenge other learners

Do you like challenges? Every week you can activate the one-armed bandit to challenge your colleagues to a duel on different dimensions.

Create a playful competition
Combine intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
Activate even the less active learners
Create a feeling of community
Compare your progress

Check who has collected the most points in your company. The leaderboard is also available anonymously.

Monitor your own progress
Compare yourself with your colleagues
Also available anonymously
Additional motivation to learn
Win real prizes

Using Savvi on a regular basis is rewarded - because soft skills have real added value. Employers can choose what they give away, from vacation days to vouchers.

Integrate real prizes
Give away prizes directly in the Savvi app
Provide additional motivation to learn
Decide for yourself what learners win.
360º feedback directly in the Savvi app
Get anonymous feedback from all sides with our 360º feedback feature

Our optional 360º feedback feature, in addition to the initial and weekly self-assessment, allows you to receive feedback from your managers, colleagues and employees. They can assess you on the same dimensions and give you written feedback.

This provides you with real 360° feedback and lets you know which skills you really need to work on.

Do our features work?

Our statistics speak for themselves!

73% engagement

73% of our users use the Savvi app every week to continuously improve and build new habits. This means we reach significantly more users than other providers of digital learning solutions.

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15 minutes per week

Small learning nuggets, daily challenges and short quizzes allow our users to achieve significant improvements in just 15 minutes per week. On average, our users voluntarily spend 38 minutes with Savvi.

20% improvement

In the first 8 weeks, our users achieve an average 20% improvement in their skills. Every week, they can assess themselves and evaluate their improvement. Optionally, external assessments can also be submitted for 360º feedback.

95% positive rating

Our users rate 95% of our 400+ microtrainings as helpful! In addition, our content team is constantly working on expanding the microtrainings. 

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Create and manage trainings in the Savvi Builder
In the Savvi Builder, you will find the following functions bundled in one place. This gives you full control over users, training courses and content without complications:
KPI dashboard: Keep an overview
Authoring tool: Create and customize learning nuggets with AI
User management: administer licenses and manage users
Learning journeys: create and assign trainings
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