Full control with the Savvi Builder

With the Savvi-Builder, you can create content yourself or adapt existing content, as well as manage all your users and licenses yourself!

Whether you are an educator, trainer or manager - create content for your learners and help them build new habits in the long term. With the Savvi-Builder, you have full control over your licenses, content and training courses.

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The most important functions combined in the Savvi Builder

Whether you want to manage licenses, create training courses yourself or add users to training courses - the Savvi Builder is your cockpit where you can find everything you need.

Authoring tool: Create and customize learning nuggets with AI

You get access to our library of >400 learning nuggets that you can use and customize for your training courses. With our self-developed AI, you can create personalized content with 80% less effort directly in the Builder.

User management: Manage licenses and select users

Decide for yourself who you want to assign your licenses to. Licenses are flexible, you can train one user for a year or four users for three months each. You decide how you distribute the license.

Learning journeys: create and assign trainings

Decide for yourself which content your learners should train. Choose learning nuggets from our library or your own content, bundle them into a training course and assign it to your users.

KPI dashboard: keep an overview

Get a quick overview of the development of your learners. In the Savvi Builder, you will find dozens of KPIs on the engagement and learning success of your users to measure the success of your training courses.

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Delivering your own content via app is easy thanks to the Savvi Builder!

Create your own content and integrate a variety of formats.

Use existing teaching material or create completely new training courses - no matter how, with the Savvi-Builder you can create varied learning formats and reach every type of learner.

☑️ Inspiration in videos, audio und texts
☑️ Application in challenges and tasks
☑️ Learning control through gap texts and quizzes

It's so easy to digitize your own content

Whether it's etiquette rules, productivity training or simply the reporting sick process, with our AI integration you can bring content into our app with 80% less effort! Our AI can create gap texts, quiz questions, video scripts, tasks and note templates directly into your users' app in no time at all!

☑️ Easy creation of training courses in a modular system
☑️ Digital conveyance through the app
☑️ Diverse and varied thanks to gamification and learning formats

What our customers use the Savvi Builder for

Educators don't want to overly explain to apprentices how to report sick properly, others have special rules for occupational safety or dealing with conflicts and trainers want to convey their training content in the long term, even after trainings are completed, in order to reinforce the effects of their trainings.

☑️ Create customized content with ease
☑️ Long-term conveyance through repetition
☑️ Entertaining and directly applicable in the Savvi app

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AI-supported content creation in the
Savvi Builder
Create content 80% more efficiently with AI support and deliver it digitally via app

You can create your own content directly in the Savvi Builder. All you need is a topic and learning aspects that you want your learners to take away from the training course. These can be existing processes such as the correct way to report sick, but also current topics such as dealing with conflicts.

Our AI creates a text for a video script based on your chosen topic and the learning aspects. You can revise this if necessary and send it back to the AI, which will then create the weekly training, daily challenges, gap texts, matching pair exercises, quizzes and the tip of the week.

Everything in one place
Decide for yourself who you want to assign your licenses to, who you want to assign which training course or which groups should train together. This gives you full control over your licenses and you can easily distribute and assign them yourself at any time.

You have full control over content, users and training content

It's as simple as:

Create learning nuggets

Create your own learning nuggets with your individual content or...

Select existing learning nuggets

...Choose the most fitting from >400 learning nuggets in our library.

Customize learning nuggets

Want to customize existing learning nuggets? That's no problem either!

Create trainings

Create individual training courses with your content or with content from our library.

Assign licenses

Manage all licenses at a glance and assign them variably to your learners.

Assign training courses

Assign training courses to learners and determine how long they should train them.

Assign new content regularly

Once a training course has been completed, you can easily assign new content. This way, learners regularly train new soft skills.

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