Telefónica anchors social selling into account managers' everyday lives

Case Study

LinkedIn follower growth
New hires through LinkedIn
better at posting regularly on LinkedIn
minutes per week in the app

An overview

Telefónica Germany Business Sales is a business accelerator for German SMEs. In Q3 2022, its management wanted to address the topics of social selling and employer branding on LinkedIn. Account managers should therefore expand their LinkedIn activities.

For 12 weeks, account managers worked with Savvi on the most relevant social selling skills for them. Using mobile learning, they have integrated new methods for addressing customers and acting professionally into everyday working life and directly anchored them through practical application exercises.

Through behavior-oriented learning KPIs, the sales managers of the individual teams were given the opportunity to address interests, knowledge gaps and motivational differences in a demand-oriented manner.

The results in 12 weeks:

  • 73% growth in LinkedIn contacts
  • 50,000 impressions of contributions per person
  • 3 new hires through applications via LinkedIn
  • 78% better at posting regularly on LinkedIn
  • 51% more motivated to reach out to contacts on LinkedIn

Key Facts


The starting point

LinkedIn as a channel for customer acquisition & modern employer branding

Telefónica Germany Business Sales is a sales partner of Telefónica Deutschland and sees itself as a business accelerator for German SMEs. In order to achieve this in an even more targeted and personal way, it was decided in Q3 2022 to increasingly use social selling and LinkedIn as a sales and communication channel. At the same time, employer branding should be improved through a stronger and more approachable online presence.

As part of this initiative, account managers were to increasingly use their individual LinkedIn profiles for acquisition and should also increasingly publish their own contributions. In addition to an initial kick-off and regular exchange, a learning opportunity was created to teach the basics of social selling. The focus was in particular on the skills of having an online presence, reaching out to contacts, building customer relationships and closing customers.

The challenge

Different starting levels & anchoring in everyday sales

At the start of the initiative, Telefónica Business Sales account managers showed significant differences in previous knowledge of social selling and the use of LinkedIn. For example, account managers differed greatly in the initial size of their LinkedIn network: from 3 to 1289 contacts, everything was represented.

In order to pick up both inexperienced account managers and those with an existing online presence, it was necessary to be able to heavily individualize the training courses. In addition, it should go beyond simply teaching content and give account managers an opportunity to set up new sales routines.

The solution

73% LinkedIn growth through customer contact methods & profile optimization

A 12-week training course was put together from the Savvi library, which included basic content such as maintaining a LinkedIn presence and creating contributions, as well as methods and frameworks for identifying, reaching and acquiring customers via LinkedIn.

On a behavioral level, account managers showed significant improvements in their routines (e.g. 123% improvement in being regularly active online). In addition, there was a positive correlation between training engagement and LinkedIn network growth, with an average network growth of 73%. Over the course of 12 weeks, trainees generated over 50,000 impressions per account and 3 new employees were acquired directly through online activities.

With Savvi, we were able to anchor the topics of social selling and employer branding in the organization. This made it even easier for us to achieve our recruiting goals.”
Robin Engelbrecht
Team Lead Sales
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