Gorillas promotes first-time managers with Savvi's adaptive microlearnings

Case Study

better at situational leadership
more effective in setting goals
better collaboration with supervisors
more effective in delegation

An overview

Gorillas is one of the fastest growing scale-ups in Europe. Confronted with a large heterogeneity of team leaders' leadership experience, Gorillas has introduced various training courses.

Savvi was used in combination with face-to-face workshops to make the effectiveness of learning content transparent, to be able to optimize it quickly, but also to sustainably consolidate new behaviours.

With the help of Savvi's behavior-oriented measurements, the status of critical behaviours was specifically recorded and addressed through adaptive microlearning. On the defined behavioral dimensions, participating team leaders showed, among others, up to:

  • 76% improvement in adapting their leadership style to the situation
  • 66% higher score for the ability to set goals
  • 29% improved habits when working with their supervisors
  • 60% more effective delegation

In addition, Gorillas was able to gain deep insights into the development of strengths and growth potential in order to be able to make future trainings more demand-oriented.

Key Facts


The starting point

Heterogeneity of team leaders' experience due to rapid growth

Gorillas is the leading quick commerce company in Europe. After its founding in 2020, it has grown from 5 to over 1,000 employees in just 2 years. These include over 40 team leads in 3 countries.

Because of the heterogeneity of their leadership experience and commitment, Gorillas has introduced various training courses for team leads. The aim is to build a common understanding of leadership and to equip them with the right tools. Focus topics include team engagement, goal setting, and prioritization.

The challenge

Identifying and sustainably establishing the right leadership

It was planned that the team leads would intensify and discuss methods and frameworks such as OKR prioritization and daily check-ins in two half-day workshops led by internal trainers. Since it was the first time that a comprehensive development program for team leads was introduced, these questions came to mind: Are we focusing on the right things? And how can we ensure that employees use our toolkit sustainably?

Gorillas' HR team was looking for confirmation from outside as to which skills, methods and framework conditions should have priority. As a data-driven company, they also wanted to gain insight into the effectiveness of learning content so that they could quickly adapt and optimize it. It was already clear that a one-time workshop would not produce the desired result.

The solution

Start of a multi-week learning journey for key competences

Savvi first analyzed the status quo of leadership behavior. In a quick, personality test-like query, the most important leadership skills were assessed and then prioritized. After creating transparency, the goal was to develop a 3-month learning journey for team leads. From Savvi's over 250 microtrainings, Gorillas selected 38 that were suitable for their meetings. Less than 8 weeks after the initial call, the first cohort of team leads began their live workshops, followed by a three-month, SAVVI-based learning and implementation phase.

With the help of Savvi, Gorillas' management team gained valuable insights into the strength profile of an average team lead, which shows, for example, that skills such as “adapting leadership style” and “delegating” are currently far removed from, for example, “building a learning culture.”

As part of the 3-month learning journey, the Savvi app recommends microlearnings based on individual strengths and potential to every participant. Learners are free to choose their weekly training at any time, but can adapt their own learning journey to their competence profile through this digital coaching and receive objective feedback on their development. Gorillas' team leaders, for example, preferred exercises on skills such as prioritizing and delegating.

Based on measurements from the Savvi app, there were many improvements. Depending on their commitment and regularity, team leaders achieved, for example:

  • 76% improvement in the “Situational Leadership” skill
  • 66% improvement in the “Set Goals” skill
  • 29% improvement in the “Work with manager” skill
  • 60% improvement in the “Delegate” skill

In addition, regular recording of development status helped to adapt training content to meet needs and thus address untapped potential in a more targeted manner.

Savvi helped us identify the key capabilities of our team leads and took our training to a new level.”
Carmen Benkoe
VP People - Gorillas
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