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Agile working & productivity
Make your teams more agile, innovative and productive

Ready for the future? With Savvi you give your teams applicable methods to work smarter and more innovatively and thus improve the efficiency of the entire organization. 


Why Savi?


Foster even smarter collaboration.

With Savvi you can give your employees small tips with a big impact in 15 minutes a week. These help communication, collaboration and self-organization and make your organization even faster and more innovative.


Respond quickly to change.

Instead of challenging your teams with additional implementation plans in phases of change, simply hand them the Savvi app. Through self-reflection and trying out new behaviors, your employees will confidently face the future.


Anchor innovation for the long term.  

Focus on what matters most: results. With Savvi, all team members get ideas and tips to work more productively and effectively. They apply these every week in their everyday work and thus build habits that remain sustainable.

Our agile & productivity modules


Agile management

The training for your teams and managers to achieve excellent results faster and more agile. Ideal for teams in rapidly changing working conditions and projects.


Focused work

Ideal for young professionals who are in the early years of their careers. Support your talents to work more focused, organize themselves and find pragmatic solutions.


project management

The training was developed by top strategy consultants and includes their skill set: structuring questions, solution-oriented thinking and prioritizing effectively.

You can customize all modules for your organization. Upload your own content or edit the existing content from the Savvi library.

Start with us today

What if you could make your teams fit for the future of work without having to pull them out of everyday work in lengthy training programs?

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