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Savvi Builder

Create & evaluate your own trainings


Funding & Support

Supported by the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Energy with funds from the European Social Fund and the State of Brandenburg. With the help of this support, targeted specialists are promoted for the implementation of our admin tool.

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& guided

Step for step towards your own training


behavior-based trainings

Various Learning-KPIs

show where & how your team develops

Our aim:
Make Savvi trainings modular, intuitive and extendible

Training with Savvi should be individually individiually tailorable to each company and development program. For that, we constantly develop new behavior-based trainings.


By now, our library already includes over 200 modules. To enable trainers and companies to adapt trainings to their training needs, we created our admin tool. 


Configurator & Dashboard in one

Training creation

Design your own trainings starting from the habits to be trained to the individual skills and exercises.

Access the Savvi library

Use our standard development programs  or build your own custom training from a library of 200+ modules.

Manage trainees

You have control over who does which trainings. Create new accounts and manage licenses.

Real time evaluation

With our live dashboard, you can see where your trainees stand at any time in their learning journey and evaluate your trainings.

Making skills & learning measurable

Sustainable training success is important to us. With the integrated dashboard, companies and trainers can track the development of their trainees.

Adjust trainings 🔧
You see exactly, which trainings are popular, what works and where you might want to touch up. This way, you can continously improve your training offering.
Know your training ROI 📈

We calculate in percentages, how much the skills of your trainees have developed. With this, you have objective data to evaluate your trainings. 

Identify strengths & potentials 🌱
Discover what your trainees are already really good at and where they can still develop. By learning more about them, you can develop specific new trainings.
Make interests visible 🔬
Our dashboard shows you, which topics are popular. Knowing what excites your trainees starts conversations and allows for deeper exchange.

Data Protection
We value privacy

Making learning transfer transparent does not mean compromising data protection and privacy of trainees. Both our app and our admin tool comply with all German data protection laws. Furthermore, all data is stored in the Telekom Cloud on German servers.


Start with us today

What if you could measure the effectiveness of your training without any extra effort and develop your team in a more targeted way?

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