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Mental well-being
- sustainable & individual

Invest together with your employees in their well-being. Because those who feel valued are more productive and happier.

🎮 interactive via app

🧬 personalized learning paths 

💼 directly within everyday work

📈 measurable & sustainable

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Everyday habits that
make a big difference


instead of 13% with
other e-learning methods

38 Min

per Week

spend Savvi users
on average in the app

of all microtrainings

are rated as helpful
by Savvi users

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Promoting self-efficacy  💪

Being mindful  😮‍💨

Building a growth mindset  🌱

Improving resilience  ☔

Being self-aware 🧘

Finding purpose  🧭

Form the 8 most important habits

Based on the Savvi library, you can put together a training catalog that suits your company and your trainees. 

The app then designs an individual learning journey for each individual, adapted to their potential and interests. 

So everyone gets the right content
- this ensures constant learning success (3% per week) and 3x higher engagement than with conventional e-learning. 

Being able to relax  🕯️

Combatting perfectionism  🥊


Our Mental Wellbeing Training is based besides others on the work of field experts such as Dr. Albert Bandura, Dr. Dan Siegel and Dr. Kristin Neff, in addition to over 100 other studies, articles and research papers. 

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Support for the most important issues

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Prevent before it's too late ⏰

Mental stress and burnout do not happen overnight, but creep into the everyday life of your employees through unhealthy habits and working methods.

With Savvi, you start early and enable your team to build better habits, better self-awareness and stronger resilience before problems arise. 

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Promote & retain employees ❤️

When your employees feel recognized and encouraged, they develop their full potential. Invest in their mental well-being and show them that they are valued as individuals.

Our mental wellbeing training has already resulted in a doubling of eNPS for clients. In addition, Savvi users felt better supported in their mental and physical health.

Integrate learning into everyday life 🌴

Encourage better habits without forcing another to-do on your employees. After all, the training should help and not create additional stress. 

Savvi's practical exercises can be integrated directly into your team's everyday work and promote the development of healthier habits with just 15 minutes per week.

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"I have gained actionable methods to deal with stress and actively regulate emotions, and I still apply them today, several weeks after the end of the training."

Julian Schumacher, Managing Director - Dart

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Learning progress & motivation at a glance

Engagement & learning success 🌡️

See clearly at any time how involved your training group is & track in detail which behaviors are improving. 

Interests 🤔

Better understand what for  your training group is interested. In this way you can identify needs and develop additional offers in a targeted manner.

Strengths & potentials 💪

Discover previously hidden strengths and development potential with a granular competence profile of your training group.


Get started with Savvi in less than 8 weeks

Choose a learning journey

Choose from our 10+ learning journeys for

high potentials, managers, young professionals, trainees and more...


where necessary

Customize your learning journey by adding or removing learning nuggets or supplementing them with live workshops



Start your learning journey

Start your 3-6 month learning journey and enable your talents to work on their learning goals in line with your company goals



Measure & optimize training success

Analyze your training with us, identifying the strengths and potential of your talents as well as KPIs such as engagement and skill improvement.


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