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Dart doubles employee satisfaction with Savvis mental wellbeing trainings



Employee NPS


less stress & nervousness


better in
building resilience


feeling of control

At a Glance

Dart, a young and dynamic Philippines-based quick commerce company, prioritizes employee satisfaction and development. But like many startups, it struggles with balancing training and operational demands. 

After implementing Savvi's microlearning approach for 12 weeks, the company saw


  • 102% boost in employee NPS

  • 6% decrease in rating on the Perceived Stress Scale

  • 22% improvement in the ability to build resilience

  • 12% increase in employees' ability to control things in their lives

  • 9% less stress and nervousness

Additionally, Dart's employees who used Savvi felt more supported in their mental and physical health.

Key Facts








Minutes trained



Savvi not only provided a fun way to try out and manifest consistent mental wellbeing habits. It helped us to amplify existing initiatives and anchor them in our company DNA.

Aileen Piacos, HR Lead



Acting upon employee feedback to improve engagement and happiness

Philippines-based quick commerce company Dart runs quarterly engagement surveys. For them, a key indicator for employee happiness is the Perceived Stress Scale, where they scored 19.5 on a scale from 0 (no stress) to 40 (high stress). Employee feedback showed improvement potential on mental wellbeing dimension and employees’ desire to improve worklife-balance. Their feedback indicated that especially preventing over hours, meetings on Fridays, and work on weekends will lead to higher happiness and motivation. The management board introduced on-site workshops and mental health weeks to facilitate experience sharing among its staff and support employees in driving up their mental wellbeing.


Growth focus makes habit building harder

After first improvement measures were launched, the management board received feedback from employees how it was difficult to implement mental wellbeing methods across all teams. There were little company-wide standards in how to prioritize mental wellbeing in daily operations and which tools and methods to supply. Especially in operations-heavy functions, where ad-hoc customer demands had to be handled, mental wellbeing routines were tougher to manifest consistently. This led to the fact that existing initiatives drowned in daily priorities.


I took away actionable methods to handle stress and regulate emotions more actively and I still use them today, several weeks after the training has ended.

Julian Schumacher


Science-based learning nuggets improved mental wellbeing  up to 20%


Dart kicked off a 12-weeks Mental Wellbeing program by combining Savvi with two on-site workshops. Dart’s management and HR team chose four skills from Savvi’s skill library.

They wanted employees to focus on these four core skills:

  • Motivating themselves

  • Building resilience

  • Changing perspective

  • Managing work.


For each of the skills, Savvi proposed several microtrainings based on 100+ sources. Dart’s HR team selected >40 microtrainings across all dimensions. The program was then introduced and kicked off in a weekly all-hands meetings, providing guidance and support for all employees.

Dart’s 12-week mental wellbeing program resulted in 6% lower scores on Perceived Stress Scale and a 102% improvement in employee NPS. Comparing survey results from before and after the program, employees reported to feel 9% less stress and nervousness and 12% more able to control things in their lives. Afterall, employees who used the Savvi app regularly were more likely to feel like Dart cared about their mental and physical health.

On a behavioral level, Dart was able to improve all intended behaviors across all selected skills. Naturally, there where certain outliers, such as regulating emotions (+20 %) and building a growth mindset (+2 %). As Savvi encourages people to focus on behaviors with the relatively highest growth potential, it is common to see only minor improvements in already well-developed areas. 

Building resilience

6 microtrainings

Being self-aware


26 microtrainings

Regulating emotions


Changing perspective

13 microtrainings


+ 6%

7 microtrainings

Practicing mindfulness

+ 3%

Motivating myself

5 microtrainings

Finding purpose


4 microtrainings

Building a growth mindset

+ 2%

13 microtrainings

Building self-efficacy


Managing work

16 microtrainings

Fighting perfectionism


3 microtrainings

Planning your day


4 microtrainings


+ 4%


Our mental wellbeing training is based, among other sources, on the work of experts such as Dr. Albert Bandura, Dr. Dan Siegel and Dr. Kristin Neff, as well as over 100 other studies, articles and research papers. 

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