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High performance skills for  customer -facing teams

Take your sales and service teams to new heights with personalized learning paths packed with high-performance skills.

🎮 interactive via app

🧬 personalized learning paths 

💼 directly within everyday work

📈 measurable & sustainable

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Make your customer contact 1% better every day


instead of 13% with
other e-learning methods

38 Min

per Week

spend Savvi users
on average in the app

of all microtrainings

are rated as helpful
by Savvi users

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The perfect support for
everyday sales



Individual trainings based on each skill level - without additional effort for you



Adaptive learning journeys shorten your ramp-up time



Content is applied and anchored directly in everyday work

Listening actively  👂

Handling objections  🛡️

Calling prospects  ☎️

Spotting customer needs 🪝

Negotiating  🥊

Creating LinkedIn content  ✍️

Finding customers 🔍

Learning content suitable for your structures

You can create your own content or choose from >150 modules from our library for the 42 most relevant sales & customer contact skills to start your training. From classic direct sales to B2B enterprise sales and customer service to social selling, our library covers all sales methodologies.


In learning journeys lasting several weeks, our algorithm adapts the content to the individual strengths, potential and progress of your managers.

So everyone gets the right content - this ensures constant learning success (3% per week) and 3x higher engagement than with conventional e-learning. 

Support for the most important issues

Develop everyone individually 🌱

Depending on previous knowledge and experience, each member of your team needs different tips. Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, Savvi adapts the learning journey to individual strengths, potential and interests.


You can integrate Savvi into existing training measures, increasing the relevance and effectiveness of the training and giving you the opportunity to concentrate on personal coaching. 

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Shorten ramp-ups 🚀

Our algorithm recommends the exact learning nuggets that fill in the most important gaps. Especially at the beginning, important basics and methods can be taught so that your team members are productive even faster. 


For example, account managers at Telefónica were able to improve their LinkedIn routine-coherence with Savvi by 78% - in just 12 weeks. 

Develop productive routines 🪥

ICompared to other e-learnings, Savvi focuses on the sustainable development of habits. Through practical content and direct integration into everyday work, your team members form more productive routines. 

On average, exercisers complete at least 70% of all available workouts. In other words, over the course of a training session, they engage with the content 2 out of 3 weeks. 

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Savvi is a useful addition and the successes were already evident in the key sales figures in the weeks following the seminar.

Roman Weitman, Branch Manager - MLP


Learning progress & motivation at a glance

Engagement & learning success 🌡️

See clearly at any time how involved your training group is & track in detail which behaviors are improving. 

Interests 🤔

Better understand what for  your training group is interested. In this way you can identify needs and develop additional offers in a targeted manner.

Strengths & potentials 💪

Discover previously hidden strengths and development potential with a granular competence profile of your training group.


Get started with Savvi in less than 8 weeks

Choose a learning journey

Choose from our 10+ learning journeys for

high potentials, managers, young professionals, trainees and more...


where necessary

Customize your learning journey by adding or removing learning nuggets or supplementing them with live workshops


Start your learning journey

Start your 3-6 month learning journey and enable your talents to work on their learning goals in line with your company goals


Measure & optimize training success

Analysiere mit uns Euer Training, Stärken und Potentiale Eurer Talente sowie KPIs wie Engagement und Skill-Verbesserung


Discover more Savvi use cases




Apprentices & Trainees




Your custom training

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