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Soft skill training to fit your culture

Create exactly the training that your employees need based on our 400+ modules. Offer them personalized learning journeys with Savvi at no extra cost to you.

🎮 interactive via app

🧬 personalized learning paths 

💼 directly within everyday work

📈 measurable & sustainable

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Make your employees
1% better every day


statt 13% bei herkömmlichen E-Learnings

38 Min

pro Woche

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The perfect support for
your learning initiatives


Ready to go

Create your training from 400+ curated nuggets & launch in just a few weeks



Learning success and skills are measurable through detailed learning KPIs



Scientific methods ensure the learning transfer for real learning success

Managing conflicts ⚔️

Delegating correctly  ✅

Giving feedback  💐

Setting goals  🎯

Building resilience  🧘

Giving Purpose  🧭

Learning content that fits your company

You can create your own content or choose from over 400 modules from our library to start your training. 

In learning journeys lasting several weeks, our algorithm adapts the content to the individual strengths, potential and progress of your employees.

This way, everyone gets the right content - this ensures constant learning success (3% per week) and 3x higher engagement than with conventional e-learning. 

Support for the most important issues

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Start learning initiatives faster 🚀

Our content team has already invested over 1350 hours in researching and curating the most relevant and effective methods for effective & modern trainings. 

All you have to do is select the microtraining that fits your company goals, your culture or existing workshops, and the training can start right away.

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Disclose interests & skill level 🔍

With Savvi you get detailed insight into the skill profile of your teams, their development and interests. In addition to classic engagement KPIs, you can evaluate, supplement and adapt training in a targeted manner. 

All insights are GDPR-compliant. With deeper insights, you can offer more relevant & successful learning initiatives, as well as substantiate their benefits more objectively.

Ensure sustainable learning transfer ☔ 

Savvi supports your employees in exactly what is important in learning initiatives: building better habits instead of just imparting knowledge.


Through practical learning nuggets, application of the content directly in everyday work and scientific methods, your employees build up more productive routines in the long term. 

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It only took 2 phone calls to get our training content into the app.

Thomas Islinger, Coach - MLP

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Learning progress & motivation at a glance

Engagement & learning success 🌡️

See clearly at any time how involved your training group is & track in detail which behaviors are improving. 

Interests 🤔

Better understand what for  your training group is interested. In this way you can identify needs and develop additional offers in a targeted manner.

Strengths & potentials 💪

Discover previously hidden strengths and development potential with a granular competence profile of your training group.


Get started with Savvi in less than 8 weeks

Choose a learning journey

Choose from our 10+ learning journeys for

high potentials, managers, young professionals, trainees and more...


where necessary

Customize your learning journey by adding or removing learning nuggets or supplementing them with live workshops


Start your learning journey

Start your 3-6 month learning journey and enable your talents to work on their learning goals in line with your company goals


Measure & optimize training success

Analysiere mit uns Euer Training, Stärken und Potentiale Eurer Talente sowie KPIs wie Engagement und Skill-Verbesserung


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