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Savvi's training methodology

Low-threshold training with practical focus

Financial Support

Funded by the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Energy with funds from the European Social Fund and the State of Brandenburg. This support enabled us to employ a psychology student who supported us in the conception and creation of various training courses.

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The content is entertaining and interactive



Our microtrainings can be combined in any way you like



The applicability of the content is always in focus

Our Goal
Make Savvi trainings modular, intuitive and expandable

Training with Savvi should be individually tailored for each company and training. To this end, we are constantly developing new behavior-based training courses.

Our library now includes more than 250 modules. We have developed our own methodology so that training courses are as low-threshold, adaptive and app-friendly as possible.


Content Elements
Content that fits your schedule and your learning journey

Skill Tester

We recognize your strengths and potential. This is how your learning journey adapts to you.


Learn methods or frameworks to improve your habits in a short video or text

Daily Challenges

Daily challenges that help you repeat the content in a targeted manner


Answer 10 questions on specific behavior to create & update your profile


5-10 minute exercise to anchor what you have learned in your everyday work


Repeat new knowledge with interactive quizzes on your last microtraining.

Skill Profile

The Savvi app shows you exactly where you are at all times, and at the behavioral level. 


15-minute exchange of experiences with other trainees to reflect on the training

Tip of the Week

Learn more about your weekly focus topic with selected articles.

Our Customers
Companies that already train with Savvi

Start with us today

What if you could measure the effectiveness of your training without any extra effort and develop your team in a more targeted way?

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