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mental health
Promote a healthy and sustainable culture 

If you and your employees invest in their health, they will pay you back. Because if you feel good, you work better and more innovatively. Savvi supports you on the way there.


Why Savi?


Improve stability and resilience.

Enable everyone to deal with the inevitable setbacks in everyday working life. With Savvi, your employees build up the skills they need to be able to quickly concentrate on the essentials again without having to compromise on their health.


Increase the motivation of your employees.

Our trainings are aimed at cohesion and belonging. This not only improves mental well-being, but also motivation, confidence and morale. With Savvi, your employees see the meaning behind their work even more.


Build healthy habits into everyday life.  

Take care of your most important resource: your people. Help them deal with stress even better and balance work and private life. The answer is many small things that each of us can do on a daily basis. With Savvi, this becomes a habit.

Our mental health modules


stress management

Give your teams specific behaviors and ways of thinking to deal better and faster with inevitable stress. Ideal for young professionals, executives and fast-growing companies.


mental health

Especially in difficult professional or private phases, we put our mental health on the back burner. Without esotericism, this training focuses on the essentials, both professionally and privately.

You can customize all modules for your organization. Upload your own content or edit the existing content from the Savvi library.

Start with us today

What if you could make your teams fit for the future of work without having to pull them out of everyday work in lengthy training programs?

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