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Diversity & Inclusion
Support everyone to reach their full potential.

Create an even more inclusive and equal work environment. So that every single employee feels that they belong and are heard, regardless of their opinion and background.


Why Savi?


Make inclusion a daily habit.

With Savvi, it only takes 15 minutes a week to get your employees to behave inclusively. By trying out specific new behaviors, a positive dynamic is formed that leads to more diversity and inclusion in a few weeks.


Improve cohesion in your teams.

A team in which each person feels heard, valued and understood will always be more successful. Thanks to our measurement technology, you can identify specific dimensions that still have room for improvement and can align weekly training sessions accordingly. 


Measure progress towards diversity and inclusion.  

Focus on what matters most: results. With Savvi, all team members receive ideas and content related to diversity and inclusion. They apply these every week in their daily work and thus build habits that become the standard.


"The training with the Savvi app was fun and the data-based evaluation showed us where we can get even better individually and as a team."

- Jerome Lange, Managing Director koppla

Our Diversity & Inclusion modules


unconscious bias

Support your teams not to let important decisions be influenced by subconscious biases. For example, you make recruiting, promotions and daily decisions fairer.


Female Leadership

The training for your female executives and those who will soon take on this role. With this training you support them to quickly gain a foothold in the new position.

You can customize all modules for your organization. Upload your own content or edit the existing content from the Savvi library.

Start with us today

What if you could make your teams fit for the future of work without having to pull them out of everyday work in lengthy training programs?

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