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The individual and sustainable learning journey for your talents

Supplement your existing live training with our app designed for learning transfer. This makes the training success even more sustainable and you can see the improvement in skills in our HR dashboard.


Savvi suits you perfectly

We tailor the content of the app to your needs. You can upload content completely individually or choose from our database with over 150 modules



Our sales training is about how to effectively prepare and open customer talks, build long-term customer relationships, confidently steer conversations and end them with a binding conclusion.


team leadership

How can you encourage and support your team exactly where it is needed? Our leadership training is about appreciative communication, the development of your talents and the role as a manager.


project management

Project Management is part of our "Strategy Consulting Basics" series. This encompasses the skills consultants learn to solve complex problems. Project management is primarily about structured work, solution-oriented thinking and effective prioritization.


time management

Time management is also part of the "Strategy Consulting Basics" series. This is about productive, distraction-free work as well as organizing yourself and finding pragmatic solutions. 


remote leadership

More and more employees are working completely or partially from the home office. As a manager, you also have to lead and manage "at a distance". Here you will cover topics such as balancing trust and control, developing culture and communicating effectively remotely.


working remotely

Our training on working from home is about managing yourself and your time, coordinating projects virtually and communicating effectively with others "at a distance".


Agile working

Our sales training is about how to effectively prepare and open customer talks, build long-term customer relationships, confidently steer conversations and end them with a binding conclusion.



Learn in this training how you, as a manager, coach your colleagues to get the most out of them. It is about topics such as appreciative communication, ad-hoc feedback and active listening.


your workout

You can easily put together your own training for your company from our modules and even expand it with your own content. Savvi is a modular system that you can tailor to your needs.


Get to know Savvi in a short demo and learn how you can build your training according to your taste!


"The training with the Savvi app was fun and the data-based evaluation showed us where we can get even better individually and as a team."

- Jerome Lange, Managing Director koppla

It's that easy to start with Savvi

Simply select your training content or create your own and start the three-month training journey


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create training content

Creation of the training based on existing modules (e.g. sales, leadership, remote work) or own content

App Access and Profiling

Participants log in to the app and carry out a preliminary profiling with regard to personality and skills

Conduct live training

One-day or multi-day training on site or virtually with your own trainer or a Savvi cooperation trainer

app based
start training

Weekly 30-minute training consisting of reflection, transfer exercise, goal setting and exchange of experiences

Measure and optimize training success
Discussion of the success dashboard based on participation rate, competence development and strengths & potential

As measurable as marketing campaigns

Load your own content into our app and easily connect it to existing training sessions.

HR dashboard

See the training success of your training group in the dashboard and optimize training investments.

  • Commitment: How many training sessions have been completed?

  • Improvement: How the competencies have developed?

  • Strengthen  and potentials: What works well, where are improvements still needed?

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upload content faster and start training - it starts in just 1 day


hosted in Germany and no insights about individual employees

No IT needed

plug-and-play for app-based and blended learning without IT know-how

Create your own training

With us you can load your existing content into the app. This is very easy with our configurator tool and takes about half a day. Once created, you can reuse the training as often as you like and get started quickly, especially with recurring training programs.

Choose from our library

At Savvi you can book an entire training session including a trainer. Together with you we determine the need and provide it  the training individually for you. One of our partner trainers conducts the face-to-face training and the participants then have access to the training app.

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